My whole life is about creativity. Since my childhood I have found it inspiring to discover and work with new materials. Exciting, innovative, and bold design characterize all my creations with very stylish yet new and unique pieces made with quality components. The main parts of Karman Jewelry collections are bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. I love fashion, clothes, accessories. My collections are very feminine, and it's important for me to create pieces that I would wear as well. I design with the greatest care to the smallest details to make sure the proportions, the colors, and the whole composition are just perfect. The use of combination of different materials, special knottings and tyings, and the rich colors together could give the look and feel of an era, but the result is still very modern. Only the highest quality of the components are used and all of them are hand-picked: Swarovski crystals, Czech and Indian beads, semi-precious stones, silver materials, silk strings, and other vintage pieces.